For new and pre-owned devices


Suitable for smaller devices and retrofittable, KLSTR.nano is real game changer for lighting devices on DMX512, whether it be touring or fixed installations.

A 3-pin DMX connector.

Make your cables truly unbreakable.

We all know cables can fail. On a traditional DMX line, any electrical short in just 1 cable will make the whole universe go down. Searching for the culprit can waste a lot of time. Whether it’s touring or fixed installations, fixtures and their cables can be hard to reach. It’s the burden of DMX.

Until now.
With KLSTR.nano,
wasting time is over.

Know which cable is the culprit, immediately.

How does it work ?

KLSTR.nano uses a revolutionary and patented approach to segment and isolate the cable between each fixture. A microprocessor inside each fixture determines and monitors the quality of the connection continuously.

“We were lucky to beta test KLSTR.nano and we can't even imagine going back to trial and error”

Some Dude
Some Company

DMX topology. Yes, really.

Traditional DMX512 devices directly connect the DMX-IN to the DMX-OUT on the inside. Therefore, it is impossible to know the order in which they are connected as they are all on the same line.

An overview of 4 fixtures displayed in the application, interconnected with cables which become visible in the app.

KLSTR.nano simply shows you the order in which devices are connected in the KLSTR application. Knowing the topology is extremely helpful for maintaining, monitoring and setting up systems. 

More great features


Forget about the display,
let KLSTR do the patch.

As part of the KLSTR ecosystem, KLSTR.nano doesn’t need to be patched by you. The KLSTR application will check the amount of channels a device uses, and create a patch accordingly. Just assign a fixture ID and export it to the lighting console.


Run more lights
on a single universe.

Traditional DMX has its limitations, like a maximum of 32 devices on a single line. KLSTR.nano removes the barriers and simplifies cabling. Thanks to the unique and patented approach, you will get new and creative opportunities for your sets.


Cross bigger distances

With KLSTR.nano, you can go the extra mile. Every KLSTR enabled device will output a new, clean and high quality DMX data stream. This means every fixture is virtually the start of a new line, meaning you can cross bigger distances with DMX.


MVR import, MVR export

KLSTR seamlessly integrates with pre-production. First, connect your devices and assign fixture ID’s in the KLSTR.CTRL desktop application. Next, import your MVR file and export it again with all the necessary information about universes and start addresses. The KLSTR-improved MVR contains everything the lighting console needs to start programming your show.

We're enabling
hassle-free setup
for everyone.

  • Affordable retrofit hardware kits
  • Free desktop application
  • Works on your existing Art-RDM nodes

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We are continously developing new features
and improving our technology.

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Can I combine fixtures with and without KLSTR technology on the same line or universe?
Yes, you can. KLSTR.nano is fully backward compatible, which means that you can combine traditional DMX/RDM fixtures with KLSTR.nano on the same line. 

Needless to say that KLSTR will only be aware of topology (the order in which they are connected) between KLSR-equipped devices, so increasing the number of devices that are retrofitted will improve your system reliability.
How do I know which devices can be retrofitted with KLSTR.nano?
From a technical point of view, any DMX-512 device could be retrofitted. However, there are practical concerns: you need a bit of free space inside the device, mostly near or behind the XLR connectors. In most cases, the XLR chassis connectors will have to be replaced with new ones soldered on a custom cradle PCB. And unfortunately, some devices are virtually impossible (or too costly) to retrofit. We are working on an inventory for the most used devices. Contact us to get more information.
Why isn’t this an open standard?
We believe that users want solutions that work out of the box. Solutions that save them time instead of costing extra time. To create such things, a huge amount of research and development is needed, which costs a lot of money. KLSTR invests all its margin in making the technology better. We are continuously looking for solutions that cost as little as possible.
How can I help?
Ask your favorite brands to implement KLSTR.nano in their fixtures, so you don’t have to do it afterwards. The second best thing to do (but still deeply appreciated) is spreading the word about KLSTR by following and sharing our social channels and talking about it with your friends.
Why K, L, S, T, R?
KLSTR is pronounced as ”cluster”.
The more KLSTR you have in your cluster, the better it gets.
For the curious : no, it’s not an abbreviation.